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Remember when crises seemed rare? Most organizations thought they were immune. Crises were handled by top executives who usually had days, weeks or more to respond. Improvisation was common. Often, those approaches worked.
Now hazards can lurk anywhere in your organization’s footprint or among your suppliers or customers across the globe. A tiny virus can devastate people and economies. One hacker or heckler can create your crisis, and the public may know before you do. Crises are here to stay, and their reach, intensity, and persistence can threaten your organizational and personal existence.
Today, employees at every level must be prepared to catch seemingly trivial warning signs and respond swiftly and effectively—helping protect your organization, possibly saving lives.
From an architect and thought leader of crisis management comes a fresh perspective and the tools to build a solid foundation to prevent crises when possible, and bravely, smartly handle those you can’t avoid. Here you will find guidelines, reflections, and proven preparations to help you embrace crises so that instead of wasting the pain, you can come out stronger.

Come Out Stronger

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