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Reviews of Come Out Stronger

Ken H. wrote:

Being prepared for a crisis have never been more necessary. It’s not a matter if they will happen but when they will happen. Will you be ready? Dr. Pearson lays the foundation for detecting crises and how to be prepared when they come. "Early detection and reporting buy you time, a priceless resource, especially in crisis" (page 97).

Tracy S. wrote:

All leaders should have this book at their fingertips. In these precarious times of global pandemics, ransomware attacks, and environmental catastrophes, companies must manage crises while facing intense public scrutiny. Dr. Pearson provides detailed, real-world guidance to help your company not only survive crises but also—as the title suggests—come out stronger. The case studies and simulations are outstanding. Dr. Pearson is a gifted and celebrated academic, but this book is not dry or lost in ivory-tower theorizing. It is fun to read and immediately useful. It even includes a special section with straight-to-the-point, life-saving guidance for leaders who are in the middle of a crisis. Don’t miss the psychologically rich chapter on cognitive biases! This book is for anyone who wants their company to be prepared for anything.

David S. wrote:

Pearson illuminates the rationale for companies/organizations/individuals to embrace proactive Crises Management. This book provides a true roadmap for navigating the complexities of crises, and ample preparation for those interested in maximizing their success before, during, and after the moment adverse conditions present themselves. A must-read and noteworthy playbook to keep at hand.

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