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The Value of Thanks across an Organization

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Yesterday was Labor Day. Did you thank your employees?

When a crisis occurs, any employee at any level may find themselves at its epicenter. Anyone may step forward or be called upon to: take the lead, respond to dismal circumstances in extraordinary ways, apply their skills under frightening conditions, or execute their jobs under novel sources of duress.

At every level, effectively executing experience, know-how, and clear thinking during crises saves time, money and, sometimes, lives.

Top execs have always dominated organizational crisis preparation and response. But, today’s threats are best met with insights, resources, and experiences gathered promptly across levels, throughout relevant sites of your footprint.

Often, front-line employees are consistently in close touch with key stakeholders, such as customers and suppliers. That connection is advantageous for sensing and reporting potential signals of danger, a key means of avoiding and mitigating crises.

Those positioned mid-level, between top and bottom, are typically good at

transferring and translating, connecting, and acting as conduits, inside their organizations and out. Middle insights and experience may help you tap into exceptional expertise, move resources up, down and across your workplace, and create prompt, practical stop-gap fixes.

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